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USA,  Michigan,  Saginaw,  48604-2690,  4800 Fashion Square Blvd, Suite 300


Mark Flegenheimer, CEO

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Michigan Sugar Co, Company

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Powdered sugar
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Michigan Sugar's powdered sugar is available in a 6X, 10X, or 12X consistently. We utilize corn starch in all powdered sugar products to prevent caking. We also offer Satin Set™ Fondant and Icing Sugar for the bakery trade. Use Satin Set™ when you want superior results in your glazes and icings....
Group: Powdered sugar
Brown sugar
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Our golden and dark brown sugar results from the precise blending of our 99+% pure granulated sugar and a pre-measured amount of molasses. It is a combination that produces a brown sugar that meets your demand for color, consistency, and taste.
Group: Sugar
Granulated sugar
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All of Michigan Sugar's facilities are inspected annually by the American Institute of Bakeries. We are proud to maintain a "Superior" rating, the highest awarded. We are Kosher certified by the Rabbinical Council of Detroit. The foundation of our company, granulated sugar, begins with sugar beets...
Group: Sugar
Pulp Pellets
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Beet pulp is the fibrous vegetable matter of the sugarbeet which remains after sugar has been extracted. Following the diffusion process, pulp presses and gas-fired dryers remove water from the pulp. It is then formed into less bulky pellets which saves on freight costs and produces less waste. One...
Group: Pellet fuel
Pressed Pulp
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Our pressed sugarbeet pulp is made-to-order, with a guaranteed moisture level that will not exceed 75% (maximum). It can be fed fresh, or ensiled in a bunker-type silo or AG-Bag. Sugarbeet pulp has been recognized as a valuable livestock feed. It has a high energy value, is a good source of...
Group: Beet pulp
Beet Molasses
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Beet Molasses is a co-product of the sugarbeet industry, and offers a valuable feed resource to the cattle and fermentation industries. Beet Molasses is the residual liquid left over from the sugar extraction process, providing an excellent source of carbohydrates for livestock.
Group: Syrup
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Lime is great for agricultural soils because: It neutralizes acidic soils, increasing soil pHIncreases microbiological activity; accelerating decomposition of crop residueImproves legume growthImproves stand, root growth, and sugar content of sugarbeets
Group: Lime


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